Group Lessons


Learn the Carolina Shag in a Group Setting

Group lessons are the most comfortable way to be introduced to Carolina Shag Dance.  Here you will learn the basics, various steps and technique in a relaxed environment. Learning with others often leads to friendships that last for years.  Just ask us!


Lessons are taught at Friars Grill

1178 Woodruff Rd

Greenville, SC 29607



Tuesday Nights  

Beginner: 6-6:30 This is a 4 week class starting the first Tuesday of each month.  You will learn the basic, female turn, male turn and the start. First class of the month must be attended to learn the basic footwork which is the foundation of the dance

Beginner Two: 6:30-7  This class focuses on the fundamental steps we use in shag.  Each class will focus on one step.  When you take this class, expect to learn a brand new step for 4 months.  The steps will stay in the same rotation schedule so feel free to keep taking this class if you want to go through all of them again!

Intermediate: 7-7:45  This class will focus on combining all the fundamental steps and turns as well as footwork to create more detailed steps.  This class will be challenging but achievable after completing beginner 2.

Advanced: This class is taught 3-4 times a year on a second Saturday- The class will focus on advanced technique, advanced steps and footwork. 

No Pre-registration required for classes.  Arrive early to sign in.  



  • $60 per couple (for the month)
  • $35 for singles (for the month) 
  • $10 per person (for a single week-Excludes Beginner)